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me.png    Having electronics as a hobby, I always thought about it as a lot of fun. I enjoyed involving in challenging new projects I dreamed of. And the most satisfying thing was when I was succeeding in creating the projects I imagined and everything was working according to plan. I want to encourage everyone sharing the same passion.

   Over my entire career as a Hardware Engineer, I developed a lot of interesting projects I wanted to share with others. Sometimes I was struggling with technical issues and it was taking me hours and hours of searches for this information in books, magazines or online. Now I would like to post all these schematics and instructions online hoping that it could come handy for others that are following the same path.

   Marius Taciuc



Jar clock

Jar clock.jpg


Scorpion 3.0 project

Scorpion 3_0_concept color drawing_PCB.png


Fun with ASM


Learn to make

a delay loop

and blink some LEDs







   This website presents and speaks about projects or techniques that (in some conditions if used unappropriately by un-experienced persons or minors) could lead to domestic hazards, severe injuries, electrocution, death, damage of personal goods or other unpleasant things. Please use caution and all the necessary safety measures at all times. Some projects might have schematics or software pieces that were not tested in all conditions. Do not use these schematics or software pieces for the aeronautics, automotive, naval or military industry. If you need, use the ideas, but redesign the components to comply with your requested standards. The designer of these things will not assume any responsibility for any of the above mentioned scenarios or anything like them.


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*This website and all the information contained in it is the intellectual property of Marius Taciuc. However, the information has a public

shared character and can be used, copied and replicated by everyone for personal use only.

Replicating these hardware parts or using their software for mass production is not permitted without the prior agreement of the designer.